As a certified translator I've got several years of experience in translating texts from English to German and German to English. I use the latest Microsoft office programmes, software as well as a Translation-Memory-System (across).

My focus is on mechanical and plant engineering, sewage technology, the energy sector and technical trade. Furthermore, I translate in the fields of furniture industry, chemical industry etc.

What I translate is:

  • Company websites
  • Technical manuals and documentations
  • Test certificates and reports
  • Quality certificates
  • Maintenance documents
  • Catalogues and brochures
  • Contracts and all kinds of business texts etc.

I can also support you in establishing a Corporate Language.


Each text is different. Thus, for making an offer I need the text to be translated as well as some further information:

  • how long is the text
  • is it difficult or easy
  • do I have to do any research
  • are there any repetitions
  • when do you need the translation

These are only some points which have to be considered before providing an offer.

Calculation generally bases on the lines of the original text. A standard line consists of 55 characters (excluding spaces) and a general rate is € 1.00 per line, however the above-mentioned criteria is not considered.

I work with across, a translation-memory-system, which provides a lot of advantages, e. g. a consistent terminology for all of your translations, detecting repetitions etc.

Talk to me - I'm looking forward to preparing an offer for you!